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PU Transparent Duct

For venting high-temperature air, smoke, and chemical fumes, we provide a variety of heavy-duty ventilation ducting choices. We provide venting hose items that can withstand temperatures ranging from 160 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and can handle the rigorous circumstances demanded by your tasks. Abrasive chemicals must be moved to another place using ventilation ducting in many high-temperature tasks. To thoroughly assess the compatibility of your medium with hose materials, consult our chemical resistance guide or contact customer support.

The activities of our everyday, modern lifestyles require that we maintain air quality. Ventilation ducting is an important part of preserving this air quality in any location. We have the correct flexible ducts for you to vent air, light gases, smoke, water vapours, warm or cooled air. Flex ducting is available from BRS for usage in autos, air conditioning, aviation, mines, paint booths, and industrial fume exhaust. Ventilation ducting is available in sizes ranging from 2” ID to 60” ID. To suit the demands of venting hose, we use a variety of materials such as PVC, polyester/neoprene, aluminium, stainless steel, and hypalon. We can provide you with the correct flex ducting for the task because of the variety of goods we provide, whether you need heat tolerance, chemical resistance, flexibility, durability, or a combination of all four.




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