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Industrial steam hose is designed to handle saturated steam and superheated steam continuously below 235°C or intermittently below 160°C. High-quality rubber is used to make the steam hoses. And steam hoses with braided steel wire reinforcing layers are very resistant to heat and high temperatures.

Applications for steam hoses include:

In all branches of industry, it is ideal for steam cleaning, steam hammer, vulcanizing machines, injection moulding machines, and hot pressing equipment.


  • Long life expectancy.
  • High temperature, corrosion, and high pressure resistance are all excellent.
  • Flexible and light-weight.
  • High tensile strength and anti-destructive properties.

Here are the steam hoses we offer:

Wire braid steam hose and PTFE steam hose. Mechanical, electronic, military, and chemical industries are among the industries that use PTFE steam hose. Because of its corrosion and high temperature resistance, it can transport extremely corrosive media at a high temperature of 250°C.


¼ to 8 inch


500 degree Celsius

Working pressure:

1000 psi




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