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To unclog a sewage, a sewer jetter is a heavy-duty lightweight hose that connects to a pressure washer: Drainage Systems Drains for landscaping Lines of sewerage The sewer jetter hose can be inserted into the main sewer line, which is normally found outside of a home or business. Other sewer connections, most of which are located in the basement, may be available for cleanout inside the home or office. The back-firing jets on the sewer jetter nozzle will draw the hose into the drain for you when you turn on the pressure washer. As a result, it needs less physical effort on your side than cleaning the drain using another method. If you were to use a mechanical drain cleaning, for example. When your sewer jetter is ready to use, it will scour the sewer line for any obstinate particles. The water efficiently sweeps over anything in its path as it flows deeper into the line.


¾ inch and 1 inch

Working Pressure:

High pressure for sever cleaning




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