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BRS specialises in supplying the industry with commercial rubber sheets. Our sheet rubber collection includes a variety of elastomers such as EPDM, SBR, NBR, and Butyle, among others. Each of these rubber goods is designed for a certain purpose. Some of them, such as a natural gum rubber sheet, are ideal for general sealing. Others, such as silicone sheet rubber rolls, are designed for very high or very low temperature uses. We take aesthetic issues into account as well, as we provide a variety of colour rubber sheets. If you require a rubber sheet for your application, we are likely to have the appropriate sheet rubber on hand.

All of our rubber is available in a variety of forms, including rubber sheet, rubber sheet roll, rubber strip, rubber pads, and cut gaskets, and we can provide it in whatever size and quantity you desire.

The following are our rubber and material sizes and supply options:


As needed, custom cut to order when normal sizes don't fit.


Standard sheet roll width or cut-to-order width


By the metre, roll, or cut to order

Optional supply:

One-time, weekly, monthly, etc., or as needed




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