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Radiator hoses are essential parts of your car's cooling system. They cool the engine by transporting coolant through it and absorbing the excess heat created. They are attached to the car's engine and radiator. The coolant then completes the cycle by returning to the radiator and releasing the heat through the cooling fins before repeating the process. The underlying technique that prevents your car from overheating is this simple cycle.

In your engine, there are two radiator hoses. They're also known as the 'top' or 'bottom' hose, as well as the 'inlet' or 'outlet' hose. After the coolant has passed through your engine block and is now hot, the inlet or top hose feeds it to your radiator. The outlet or bottom hose, on the other hand, returns the now-cool coolant from your radiator to your engine.

If your radiator hoses fail, coolant will flow all over your engine and your engine will overheat. Because this is both dangerous and costly to fix, it is critical to have your radiator hoses inspected and replaced as soon as possible by a qualified service provider.

To ensure effective engine cooling and vehicle safety, BRS uses high quality materials such as high grade synthetic rubber and rayon fibre reinforcement in our premium quality radiator hoses, as it does with all of our parts.


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