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A high-pressure mud hose, also known as a rotary hose, vibrator hose, or jumper hose, transports drilling fluid from the mud pump to the drill floor's mud standpipe manifold. It comes in bore sizes ranging from 2" to 6" and lengths up to 120 feet. API end fittings, such as NPT thread and flange, and other specified fittings, are offered to fulfil various market requirements. A carefully compounded synthetic rubber tube and cover line the mud delivery hoses. They offer exceptional resistance to abrasion and oil corrosion.

  • For petroleum drilling fluids, use an oil-resistant tube.
  • Ozone, abrasion, and weather protection are all covered.
  • Multiple spiral layers of high-strength steel wire serve as reinforcement.
  • Hose inside diameters are 2′′, 2.5′′, 3′′, 3.5′′, 4′′, 5′′, and 6′′.
  • maximum length is 120 feet.
  • safety factor is 2.5.
  • -22°F to 200°F (-30°C to 93°C) is the operating temperature range.
  • Up to 7500psi operating pressure.
  • API flanges, MPT threads, butt-welded unions, or as needed as end fittings.
  • API 7K certification.


½ inch to 4 inch

Working pressure:

10 bar




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