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Drilling hoses have a wide range of applications in mineral extraction, including oil and gas extraction. A drilling mud, usually technical water, hydrogel solution, or clay-based solutions, is injected into the well with the help of the drill pipe at a very high pressure. Drill hoses are also utilised between oil tankers and offshore drilling wells. Drilling hoses can be used to drill wells in the sea on both stationary and mobile drilling rigs. Drilling hose is also used to dampen vibrations in rotary plants. It is formed of a short length in this situation and functions as a compensator.

Production process and construction:

The drilling hose is made up of numerous rubber layers layered on top of each other and a metal braid.

  • A specific rubber and synthetic material is used to make the base, which is an interior rubber tube.
  • The textile braiding is the next stage.
  • The power metal braid is constructed of high-strength aluminium wire that is coil-wrapped around one of the rubber layers.
  • The drilling hose's exterior layer is comprised of an unique rubber mix that is abrasion, flame, and UV resistant.

Buy hoses for drilling and vibration absorbing:

Drilling hoses are available in metres and fixed coils of 3, 6, 9, 18, 21, and 24 metres.

Price for drilling hoses:

The cost of drilling hoses is determined by the materials used.


½ inch to 3 inch

Working pressure:

20 to 100 bar




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