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Extremely flexible — Our distinctive green hoses are made of a proprietary polymer blend that provides for all-weather flexibility, even at subzero temperatures (-40° to 140°F), making them ideal for usage in the most extreme environments. Extremely long-lasting — Designed to withstand any industry and environment. This hose is always ready to operate thanks to its abrasion-resistant outer cover and crush-resistant anodized aviation aluminium fittings. Under strain, it won't kink – Our hoses are comprised of a memoryless hybrid polymer, which means they will lay flat, resist kinks, and coil readily, making storage a snap. There are no leaks, and the water is safe to drink -Superior O-rings are included in every garden hose, assuring a long-lasting and leak-free connection. Because our hybrid polymer is lead-free, all hoses can be used to drink water. Lightweight - It's easier to handle and navigate about the yard than typical garden hoses because it's lighter.

  • Exceptional results
  • Material flaws are covered by a warranty.
  • High-quality, long-lasting skin
  • Performance under duress
  • Flexible hose for all seasons
  • Hose that resists abrasion


5/16 inch to 2 inch


Various thickness available.




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