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Cold Hose is a website dedicated to vehicle air conditioning hoses and fittings. A/C fittings, hoses, charge adapters, and oring seals are all available from us. All of the hoses and fittings are categorised by size and/or thread size. The speciality fittings page at Cold Hose has weld on barbs, compressor adapters, and much more. For additional information about custom hoses, please visit the custom hose page. Please contact us for further information if you require a bespoke fit. We are proud to stock only American-made fittings, and we are confident that you will enjoy their quality.

Most vehicles have advanced air conditioning systems. The AC high-pressure hose is responsible for transporting refrigerant from the compressor outlet to the receiver/drier, where it is cooled and used to produce cold air for the cabin.


¼ inch to 6 inch




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