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Heavy-duty hoses with thicker, abrasion-resistant interiors are designed to transport coarse, rough, abrasive items such as rocks, chips, slurry, mud, pellets, and other abrasive materials. Most heavy material handling hoses were traditionally made of thick pure gum rubber, but improved compounding has allowed lower weight, more flexible hoses to reach the market, including urethane hoses.

As a general rule, the more expensive a hose is, the more durable its tube is in terms of wear; nevertheless, such hoses become less flexible and have less handling capabilities than thinner, lighter hoses. Material handling hoses have a limited lifespan and should be changed periodically to ensure even wear. Depending on the operating conditions, hours of use, and the product being transported, the service life may vary.


¾ inch to 2 inch


Use for sand blast

Working pressure:

10-30 bar




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