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 As a rubber hose supplier, BRS provides a range of services that will help you determine which rubber hose to buy and what to do if you experience any problems. Our team of after-sales staff are friendly and experienced in providing you the answers you need.

Consultation and Answer:

  • Answer customers questions: For any inquiries you may have regarding BRS, our rubber and plastic hoses, or our services, our sales staff will react via phone or email in a timely manner with your answer.
  • Technical guidance: We’ll assist you in finding the finest solutions for your needs based on your technical requirements and product usage.
  • Product recommendation: With our large selection of rubber and plastic products, we can provide customers with numerous options based on their needs, the environment, quantity, and other factors. We can also work together to create things that are unique to you.
  • Design drawings: We create unique product drawings based on your technical specifications.
  • Calculate the quotation: We’ll provide you an estimate based on your quantity and materials before you buy.

Packaging and Transportation:

  • Order-tracking: After you place an order, we deploy trained personnel to track it.
  • Product packaging: For packaging, we employ PP woven fabric, non-woven fabric, wooden boxes, pallets, and other materials. We can also create custom packaging to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Product transportation: Select your mode of transportation: sea, train, air, truck, or sea-railway.

After-Sales Service:

  • Follow up: We communicate with our customers via e-mail or phone to find out how they like and use the product, as well as to address any issues or concerns they may have at the moment.
  • Problems during operation: Please contact us if you have any problems throughout your operations. We’ll assist you in identifying the issues and, if necessary, replacing the goods. One-Stop Shopping We want to be your one-stop shop for industrial hoses, so we manufacture a wide range of rubber hoses, PVC hoses, thermoplastic hoses, rubber plates, conveyor belts, and triangular belts, as well as assisting customers in purchasing accessories like hydraulic hose joints, fast connectors, clamps, and jackets. We can provide anything you need to keep in stock for our international wholesalers and dealers. BRS is the sole choice for industrial plastic and rubber hoses, thanks to its high-quality goods and extensive services.


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