PVC geomembrane is a profoundly adaptable thermoplastic waterproofing geomembrane fabricated from a combination of vinyl mixtures, plasticizers and sabilizers. They are your response assuming you really want to cover your subgrade quick. With specially fit pre-assembled boards up to 40,000 sq. ft we frequently cover the subgrade quicker than the worker for hire can set it up, safeguarding your significant subgrade venture!

PVC geomembranes offer superb cut, scraped spot, and tear-opposition and attempt to keep pollutants from entering the groundwater to save consumable water sources. Its extensive variety of substance similarity likewise goes with it the best decision for covered geomembrane applications.

Takes into consideration quick subgrade inclusion.
Wedge welded nearby for industrial facility quality creases.
High adaptability considers sending in extremely breezy circumstances, restricting the gamble of the establishment.
Very strong and lays on the ground with a skin tight completion.
Little fixes can be performed by the project worker assuming the establishment groups have finished their work and have de-mobbed.
Accessible in 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mil.


PVC Geomembrane is adaptable polymeric sheet utilized as somewhat impermeable liners to contain fluid and fume. PVC was one of the primary materials utilized for Geomembrane applications and stays a conservative and adaptable decision. PVC Geomembrane is generally well known for north of 40 years in US and Europe in a perfect world for preservation of water from dam, channels and supplies. Accessible in a smooth surface with thickness going from 1.5-3.0mm thick with a greatest width of 1.5m, and a most extreme length of 50m per roll. Hued PVC Geomembranes are additionally accessible upon demand. Exceptionally successful water sealing is accomplished by holding liner closes/joints utilizing a hot air welding light or unique solvents/glues. PVC Geomembrane is developed in a solitary layer. It is made out of PVC Pitch, Plasticizer, Colors, and Specialty Added substances.


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